🔎 Search

We have several customers with more than 100k assets. Several are approaching 1M assets. When you have such an amount of assets, you need support to find what you seek.

The API provides a search endpoint that is text and image-based.

The following paragraphs illustrate the API behavior through the web application.

📚 Text-based search

Let's take those two assets:

If you own these two images, employing a straightforward query such as isometric will retrieve both assets.

Employing multiple words will function akin to a AND operator. isometric fountain == isometric AND fountain

To search for images related to either isometric OR palace you can simply insert the operator between the two words: isometric OR palace

☝️ Conditioning by fields

You can also employ the subsequent fields for conducting searches:

  • tags
  • prompt
  • negativePrompt
  • name
  • type

If you intend to search for tags, you can make use of the tags field within the search field.

Asset with a tag `fountain`

Asset with a tag fountain



🔥 Mixing search operations

Furthermore, you can integrate and leverage all of these potential search methods.

`tags:fountain OR palace`

tags:fountain OR palace

`(tags:fountain OR palace) OR prompt:woman`

(tags:fountain OR palace) OR prompt:woman

`(tags:fountain OR palace) AND prompt:woman` (same as `(tags:fountain OR palace) prompt:woman`)

(tags:fountain OR palace) AND prompt:woman (same as (tags:fountain OR palace) prompt:woman)

⚖️ Weighing search terms to adjust sorting order

Taking this a step further, you can assign varying degrees of importance to your fields to organize your search results. The default weights to consider include:

  • prompt: 4
  • tags: 3
  • captioning: 2
  • name: 1

You have the ability to amplify the significance of your fields by multiplying them with a designated numerical value.

Expanding on the examples provided earlier, you can shape your query in the following manner:

prompt:robot^4 OR woman → Results matching to prompt:robot will be displayed first in the results list.

`prompt:robot^4 OR woman`

prompt:robot^4 OR woman

prompt:robot OR woman^4 → Results matching to woman will be displayed first in the results list.

`prompt:robot OR woman^4`

prompt:robot OR woman^4

🖼️ Image-base search

You can also explore comparable images by using one or more assetIds or one base64 encoded image.

In the webapp you can drag and drop a file onto the designated area or directly into the search field.