Scenario API Pricing

The Scenario API is a versatile tool for image generation and training models. It's highly adaptable, making it easy to incorporate into games or third-party software. The flexible pricing structure operates on a pay-per-use system with a monthly billing cycle and cost management options.

Pricing Structure

The API pricing is designed for flexibility and affordability. The cost per image varies based on resolution, number of steps, or the use of advanced features.

The cost per image includes indexing, searching, and hosting services.

You can easily estimate the cost of your usage with our API Cost Calculator available on your Workspace Settings, tab API Cost Calculator:


Images used for training

You don't pay for the image you upload for a training

Only pay for what you use

API billing occurs when generating images or training generators with the API.

The total cost (billed in dollars) depends on the number of images generated and the compute required to generate them (specifically, their step count and pixel dimensions, and additional improvements such as upscaling)

Free Tier

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need a grant to test the Scenario API.

Managing Costs and Budget

Easily visualize and manage your API usage in the "Dashboard" section of the Workspace to optimize costs and stay within user-defined budgets. You can also access your API usage with the GET /usage call.

If you have bulk image generation or higher performance requirements, we offer tailored plans designed for large-scale usage and accommodating a high volume of image generations. These plans include volume discounts, savings plans, reserved instances, and spot instances.

Reach out to learn more about custom solutions. Our team is committed to optimizing the value and cost-effectiveness of the Scenario API.



Example: Mobile game backend

Let's assume you are a mobile game developer building the next hit game with custom-tailored generated assets based on your users' choices. A user can create their very own props based on the style of your game.

For simplicity, let's assume your game generates 100 000 props per month. The props are generated at 30 steps on a model you trained on SD1.5 family at a 512x512 resolution.

One time costs:

Training: $5

Image generation testing: 1000 -> 1000 CU -> $10

Monthly costs:

Image generation: 100 000 -> 100 000 CU -> $100